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Probably the most dreaded of all pests in South Florida is the cockroach. Cockroaches can be an extremely difficult pest to treat for once they have infested a property. They multiply rapidly and adapt well to most any environment. Calling in a professional to control a cockroach infestation is a wise choice for long-term control.

Cockroaches live and breed in filth and therefore have the ability to spread disease. They are also known to be a cause of allergies and asthma, especially in children.

There are a variety of cockroaches that you will find infesting homes and businesses in South Florida, such as:

americancockroachAmerican Cockroaches at 2 inches long and brown in color like warm, moist environments. They are primarily outdoor pests but will occasionally invade the home. If they do make their way into your home it is likely they came in through a sewer connection, around plumbing or through openings in the foundation. They will most likely be found around a water source, such as leaky plumbing.

Asian Cockroaches look very similar to the asiancockroachGerman cockroach but are strong flyers. They can be easily seen if an infestation occurs in your lawn; they typically exist together in large numbers. Outdoors they will live in shaded areas under lawn and garden debris but are also an indoor pest problem as well.

Australian Cockroaches also known as “palmetto bugs” they are very common in Southern Florida. They are typically around an inch in length, reddish-brown in color. They are fast movers and an able flyer. They live mostly outdoors in leaf and other lawn debris around perimeters of homes but can infest a home as well. They can damage your  home and contents inside including non-food items like clothing, walls, etc and are also known to eat plants.

Brownbanded Cockroaches are brown in color with a glossy coat. They measure about ½” in length. Preferring warm, dry places you will find brownbanded cockroaches in places such as closets, inside of furniture and other non-food areas of the home. The female will deposit her eggs in furnishings within the home and can multiply quickly.

germancockroachGerman Cockroaches are a small species just about ½ inch long, although they can grow to be bigger. Their color can range from tan to black with two dark, parallel streaks running from the head to the wings down their back. German cockroaches are the common cockroach invaders found in restaurants and other food processing facilities, hotels, nursing homes and more. They are most commonly found in kitchen and food areas of homes or businesses.

German Cockroaches are very difficult to control. This resilient species size allows them to hide more easily avoiding attempts at being exterminated. A pest professional is necessary for long-term control.

To prevent a German cockroach infestation, sanitation and exclusion are important. Some key prevention tips include:

  • Keep kitchen areas clean and sanitized. Clean up food scraps every night from floors, counters and sinks.
  • Remove garbage every evening.
  • Clean grease and fall food bits from behind appliances.
  • Store pet food in a tightly sealed container and do not leave food in the pet’s bowl overnight.
  • Regularly clean crumbs and spills from stored products and wipe down pantry shelves regularly.
  • Perform exclusion on the exterior of the home to avoid entry ways. Caulk around windows, doors, vents and along plumbing.
  • Promptly address water leaks in and around your home as roaches are attracted to water.

Florida Woods Roach have a distinct shiny black or possibly reddish brown coat and measure about an inch and a half in length. This species is typically found living outdoors along with leaf litter, stacked firewood or other outdoor debris. They enter ocassionally through cracks and crevices in the home in search of a place to spend the colder months. Infestations typically occur on the lowest level of a home in a basement or crawl space.

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